Jesus Is Watching You!
Burglar warning sign

A burglar was prowling around a dark living room when he froze.

“Jesus is watching you!” came a voice from the corner.

He waited, breathlessly for a few minutes, then carefully tried to see who had spoken. He had thought that no one was home.

The voice came again, “Jesus is watching you!”

Panicked, the burglar shone his flashlight all over the room, until with relief he spotted a parrot, just as it repeated, “Jesus is watching you!”

Relieved the burglar spoke to the parrot, “What’s your name?”

The parrot replied “My name is Moses.”

The burglar then laughed and said to no one in particular, “What moron would name a bird Moses?”

To his surprise, the parrot replied, “The same moron who would name his Doberman ‘Jesus’!”

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