Random Acts of Thinking
Does the artist in you draw a blank?

A chrysanthemum by any other name ... would be easier to spell.

A friend of mine has a nose ring. She keeps the volume pretty low, though, and sets it to “vibrate” at the movies.

Do fishermen live in the reel world?

I may not be a great artist, but I am really good at drawing a blank.

I paid my psychiatrist with a reality check.

I want to become a vegetarian, but I’m not sure I can quit eating meat cold turkey.

I wear glasses. Doesn’t that mean that “everything” I see is an optical illusion?

I’m not too handy with tools. I once got my finger caught in a screwdriver.

My life no longer needs an extreme makeover. Now it just needs a complete do over.

My wife and I love each other. I rub her back and she massages my ego.

Some days the best thing about my job is that the chair spins.

When he who lives in a glass house invites he who is without sin for dinner, bad things can happen.

Yesterday I pushed my luck. It was clearly too weak to move by itself.

You can’t stop progress, but you can unplug a good chunk of it.

You want to know a really, really hugely annoyingly bad habit? Over-exaggeration.

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