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Best eaten before zoo closing time...
Karen Moore

Mmmm, your breath smells meaty fresh.
Excuse me, I think I lost my fish down there.
This dating out of the species is for the birds!
Marlene K. Goodman

Sniffer dog smells out something fishy.
Idske Mulder

You lucky dog, his bill can hold more than his belly can!
Irvin Kauffman

In this world it's all about survival of the fittest -
as long as you don't fit into someone's mouth, your fine!

Cynthia Robinson

Alright, I know I put my keys in here somewhere. Why do they always fall to the bottom?
Snoop, the drug sniffing K-9, always took his job seriously.
Ok Earl, open the hood and we'll see what's making that knocking noise.
Ah Ha! Here's your problem... you've got a fish bone stuck in your throat!
Laura Cole

Pelican's Grill... Open for Business
Betty Davis

French kiss from hell.
Mike Morrow

My CHEEK. I said you could give me a peck on my cheek!
Fred Piceno

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