World’s First Horse Power Vehicle

Get more horsepower - and a face full of fertilizer

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World's First Horse Power Transportation

Captions from our readers...

Yeah, it gets great mileage, but we're still trying to work out the emissions thing.
Jeb an' I went together an' split the cost of the car... he got the front, I got the back.
Paw says I get the engine for my next birthday, and if I'm good, the transmission for Christmas!
Kirk Lowry

To go left, pull the left rein, to go right, pull the right.
Pull the center rein and hear the horn!

Rick Rambin

Not exactly what Mr. Ed had in mind when he told Wilber he needed more horsepower.
Darwin McKee

Louis Manaton

Amish rebel.
Gabby Pierce

Mennonites, on the other hand, are allowed to have cars!
Irvin Kauffman

Man, this buggy has a lot of horse butt.
Linda Newman

What? him!? Nah... Don't worry, he's part Amish!
Ron McCoy

First Hybrid, 1 Horsepower
Tim Paul

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