Beard and Moustache Championship

Freestyle, partial-beard German posers?

German Willi Chevalier, contestant in the category “partial beard, freestyle”,
poses in Berlin, during the World Beard and Moustache Championships

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Beard and Moustache Championship

Elmar Weiser’s rendition of London Bridge

Captions from our readers...

Great place to store a few crumbs from lunch for an afternoon snack!
Phoebe Moll

Yeah, it looks cool... BUT I CAN'T TURN MY FRIGGIN HEAD!!!
And this, little Bobby, is why you should wait until Grandma's done with
the mixer before trying to swipe cookie dough.

When Prozak goes bad...
Maybe he's born with it... maybe its Mayballine!
Kirk Lowry

You can't fool us Mr. Joe Defries. You're using this disguise
so you can go trick or treat with the grand kids!

Darwin McKee

Only his hairdresser knows for sure.
Gabby Pierce

Anybody need a coat rack?
Jessica Levine

Hmmmmm, I bet you show that to all the girls!
SAY WHAT? You wanna tickle my fancy?!?
You gotta great right hook!
Maggie Leinbach

She Digs It!
Well, I'm never listening to that weather report again.
I gotta stop eating all that curled macaroni.
Pat Mehan

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