Asian Real Meal Deal

Potable eating at latest upscale Asian restaurant

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Asian Meal Deal while customers sit on toilet seats

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At the new Crappy Chef Restaurant we take care of you coming and GOING.
Darwin McKee

Where you can choose your favourite stool!
Real E. Grosse

Welcome to Bob's Kimchee, Burrito and Stuffed Jalapeno House,
the sure-fire way to clear your pipes!

Wong's Stereotypical Chinese Buffet now offers the crappiest food in China!
Since take-out" seems to be a copyright  name in the US, China has adopted
a similar form of dining, calling it
Kirk Lowry

Listen, when you order takeout... don't ask for a 'bowl' of rice...
Just so long as when you flush, it doesn't go back to the kitchen!
Yes, as a matter of fact we DID get a good deal on the furniture when we
renovated... why do you ask?

Ric Mossip

Here... or To Go?
Convenient Take-Outs
Fresh Flush Restaurant
Our Food Slides Right Through You
Ella Comeon

Welcome to John's Diner.
Gene Davidson

Nothing is thrown away - all recycled...
Unknown recipe, taste at your own risk...
Fresh right from the source - you never know what you're eating until you bite into it.
Phaej San

A new meaning to the term ' Fast Foods.'
Bob Klatinski

Where everyone goes for the Number Two.
B. Bottle

'Finger-Lickin' GOOD! Okay... where are the napkins hanging?
Irvin Kauffman

Tub O' Sushi
Sushi Lu (as in loo :) )
The Loo-vre Sushi
W.C. Sushi
Tushi Sushi
Kathleen Fletcher Standridge

Asians proving yet again they're one step ahead of Americans.
Bubba would be proud!
Leave it to the Asians to make the world a better place...
Mark Ottman

European Closet Restaurant
Fast Food (Digesting) Restaurant
Flabour Welben

Psssst, make sure you don't ask for number 1 or 2.
Tom Napoli

In one end and out the other
Ralph Hammerl

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