Airbag Safety

Using natural safety devices can prevent driving accidents

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Some drivers provide their own natural airbag safety

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It's always nice to have somewhere to keep ones ears warm in the winter.
Nik Keun

Silicon Valley plastic surgeons have recently announced a revolutionary
breakthrough in car safety... the new 'Chest Bags' can save your steering
wheel's life! Prices may vary according to size and firmness.

And we used to worry about little old ladies who couldn't see over their
steering wheels while driving!

Kirk Lowry

All new models of our Boobaroo cars come with Transportable Individual
Trauma Termination Impractical Emergency Systems (TITTIES) with nose
crease, neck, & ear support. Also, these air bags not only protect you in the car,
they protect you everywhere you go.*

*Disclaimer: TITTIES has been know to cause lower back pain. Boobaroo, its
parent company Breasts Unlimited, or any of its subsidiaries are not
responsible for any back problems associated in any way to this product.

Eric Ellis

Illegal immigrants are forever finding new ways to sneak into the country.
Unfortunately this latest method resulted in 5,000 dead by suffocation.

Danny Lowery

Today's headlines - Women have found another way to cut down on the
milkman's bills by the artificial expansion of their titties . this has resulted in
several car crashes where the women are complaining they couldn't see -
yet another reason why women are the worst drivers.

Ganesh Hegde

I'm not paying for these!!!
Pete Nicholas

NASCAR has soft, absorbent walls for safety... TOYOTA offers these...
Brent Offenberger

Drat! I hate it when the Mae West goes off when I park!
Marlene Goodman

Denise Weaver Stars in Steven Speilberg's 'Dual'...
Twice the action of the original, the Peterbilt truck Sets more booby traps for her...
Will she make that appointment on time,
or will she stop at Chuck's Cafe for a cheese sandwich on rye?

Brian Smedley

Dairy Queen.
My cup runneth over.
Are they insured?
She is built like no-'udder'.
Udder confusion.
Linda Newman

Help! My neck... my face - I'm being swallowed alive!
Rhonda Clark

Do you have to feed those things once or twice a day?
Woman died from starvation, couldn't get her mouth open wide enough,
since boobs were in her way off opening her mouth!

Elizabeth Watts

I shouldn't tell lies.
Now show me yours.
Rickie Messer

Inconvenient as it was having the ass of her siamese twin fused to her chest,
it came in handy today by serving as a make-shift airbag that saved her life
when an 18 wheeler ran a stop light and hit her head on.

D. K. Browne

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