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The Stoned Age by College Students

Bible legend states that the trouble started after Eve ate the Golden Apple of Discord. This was the forbidding fruit. An angry God sent his wraith. Man fell from the space of grace. It was mostly downhill skiing from there.

Early agriculture was known as "scratch and burn." One origin of religion was worry about crops or fertility, where a person prayed to certain gods so that he or she could give birth.

Prehistoricle people spent all day banging rocks together so that they could find something to eat. This was the Stoned Age.

Prehistory, a subject mainly studied by anthroapologists, was prior to the year 1500. When animals were not available the people ate nuts and barrys. Social division of labour began when a tribe would split into hunters and togetherers. Crow Magnum man had a special infinity for this. Advances were most common during the inter-galactic periods.

We feel fortunate not to have to live threw these times.

Judyism by College Students

Babylon was similar to Egypt because of the differences they had apart from each other. Egypt, for example, had only Egyptians, but Babylon had Summarians, Acadians, and Canadians, to name just a few.

Civilization woozed out of the Nile about 300,000 years ago. The Nile was a river that had some water in it. Every year it would flood and irritate the land. This tended to make the people nervous.

Forty centuries later they arrived in Canada. This was the promise land of milk and chocolate. Noah’s ark came to its end near Mt. Arafat. David was a fictional character in the Bible who fought with Gilgamesh while wearing a sling. He pleased the people and saed them from attacks by the Philipines.

Hammurabi was a lawyer who lived from 1600 B.C. to 1200 B.C.

Joan Of Ark was famous as Noah’s wife.

Kin Nebodresser lived in a hanging garden to please his Hutterite wife.

Members of the upper class were able to live posthumorusly through the art and facts buried with them. Eventually the Egyptians drowned in the desert.

Mesapatamia was squiggled in a valley near the Eucaliptus river. Flooding was erotic.

Moses was told by Jesus Christ to lead the people out of Egypt into the Sahaira Desert. The Book of Exodus describes this trip and the amazing things that happened on it, including the Ten Commandments, various special effects, and the building of the Suez Canal.

People were allowed democratic freedoms like taking an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Rulers were entitled Faroes. A famed one was King Toot. It was a special custom among them not to marry their wives.

The Assyrian program of exterminating various ethnic groups generally failed to promote cultural diversity. Founder of the Persian Empire was Medea. Persian kings kept power by dividing their land into providences administrated by sandtraps friendly to the king.

The Babylonians honored their gods by building pyramids in the shape of zeplins.

The history of the Jewish people begins with Abraham, Isaac, and their twelve children. Judyism was the first monolithic religion. It had one big God named "Yahoo." Old Testament profits include Moses, Amy, and Confucius, who believed in Fidel Piety. One of the only reasons Confucius was born was because of a Chinese tradition.

The pyramids were large square triangles built in the desert. O’Cyrus, a god who lived in a pyramid, would give you the afterlife if your sole was on straight.

The Sumerian culture, which was oldest, began about 3,500 years before Christmas.

The three gods were "Good," "Bad," and "Indifferent." These beliefs later resurfaced among the Manatees.

There was Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt was actually farther up than Upper Egypt, which was, of course, lower down than the upper part.

This is why we learn geography as a factor in history.

Zorroastrologism was founded by Zorro. This was a duelist religion.

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