Desert Muffins

When you know you’ve had too much sun

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Dessert Muffins in the Desert
Captions from our readers...

Some people don't see water in their mirages.
Fruit cakes come in all sizes.
Karen Moore

Des(s)ert muffins
Idske Mulder

Cup cakes come in all sizes.
Stand in sun for 5 minutes and HORRAY - up she rises!
Phil Forde

Cowboy Up Cupcake!
How many cupcakes does it take for Bin Laden to go back to his cave?
If Betty Crocker saw this she would be turning over in her grave...
The next Bachelorette contestants have arrived.
I'll take Cupcake #4 for $500, Alex.
Darlene Stafford

Due to a communication problem, the aliens disguises were far from incognito.
Fortunately, they had landed in an unpopulated area near Roswell New Mexico, and
escaped detection, a trail of sprinkles the only evidence that they had arrived.

Mark Prairie

Lined up on the Bonneville Salt Flats, contestants eagerly await
their chance to set the muffin land speed record.

Bob Nelson

Do you know the Muffin Men?
Justin Zachor

New designs for the turtle population, we can stick our heads inside too and not be seen.
Everyone start your engines, get your Muffin Runnin...
Della Norton

Desperate bake-off contestants, challenged by the searing heat of the Mohave dessert, realized that they would have to escape from the relentless sun relying entirely on the only skills they had.
Tom Clyne

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