Redneck Swing

Bubba likes hanging around with his friends

see also  Redneck Swing Tree

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Redneck playground swing for friends

Captions from our readers...

One of those swings you'll never forget...
Idske Mulder

Hey, Edna... Ah think Ah found a way 'round our busted windmill...
All the fun of a gerbil cage, without the allergies!
Kirk Lowry

Six Flags over Georgia, "The early years".
Rare photo of Design engineers from the shallow end of the gene pool
Phil McGinley

Yeeehaaaa!!! Yeah, this is fun... I think I'm gonna be sick.
Jessica Hadley

If you think the swing is something special, you should have seen the popsicles.
Don Roberts

So this is what they did with the first wheel the cavemen made.
Look Ma - the very first ferris wheel...
Della Norton

This here is GENUINE Astroknots in training for NASSER.
Robin Hendley

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