“Honey, I Lost My Job...”

For Sale: Slightly water damaged vehicles

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Worker looking at a capsized boat with several new cars on the boat

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Hello, Monster.com?
Gonna be awhile? Grab a Snickers!
Hey, boss... I'm gonna be a little late this mornin...
Frikkin women drivers...
Hey, Bob. How's the wife and kids? Stock market doin okay? That's good!
Hey, speakin of stocks... I'd like you to dump all my shares of Ace Auto and Freight, 'kay?
Yeah, I know... just call it a hunch.

Kirk Lowry

The good news is we arrived at the other side! Yes, yes, I'm ashore!
By the way, I don't think I'll be able to sell those cars over here...
Do you want me to dump them for you?

Idske Mulder

Hey, Bob, if you're still doing that liquidation sale next month,
I have some merchandise you just might be interested in.

Greg Hobson

Yea, sure we have room for a couple more!
Tom Napoli

So THAT's what the red button does!
Kelly Molinaro

I think I'll call in sick now.
David Boggs

Honestly, if it weren't for one car facing the wrong way with the sunroof open,
we wouldn't have taken on any water during that sudden storm!

Irvin Kauffman

The brochure stated scenic views with plenty of beachfront parking...
Don Roberts

Yes, I have one with a sunroof - two, actually.
Johan Maree

Hey Hon, guess what - I just found out who hired that Exxon captain!
Jay Brooks

Yes Sir, I am having them cleaned as we speak. They will be ready soon.
I told you it couldn't hold one more car... I told you... You never listen...
Man on Phone: 'Yeah, I parked your car down by the river side'.
Della Norton

That's right, boss, I am definitely not at work right now. I went on vacation - you just don't remember...
I might look for like a temp job or something while I'm out here. Ok, bye.

Cory Prior

Hi DJ Auto Valeting, you work 24/7? Yea... You got availability on your night shift?
I hate out of town fishing competitions, I never get a good spot!
Andrew Banner

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