Airport Luggage Check for High Flyers

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Airport Luggage Check for High Flying Customers

Captions from our readers...

Carry-on? You're kidding!
I think mine is the blue one at the bottom...
I think we're going to need a S T R E T C H limo!
Chris Johnson

Looks like Paris Hilton is leaving town for the weekend.
Darwin Mckee

Yeah, she's packing light.
Looks like your mother is coming for the weekend again...
The good news is, we found your luggage. The bad news is, it's in Zimbabwe.
Kirk Lowry

Honey, I think I forgot something...
... now, which one did you put your medicine in?
Ty Barnes

Fellow in green to his wife: Uuhh... I.... umm...
that bulge near the bottom of the stack in the cart... it's Fifi's cage...

STRESS??? YEAH, I have stress! They told me I can ONLY HAVE ONE carry on bag!!!!
Ric Mossip

Will the QVC shopper please come to the luggage area.
Gabby Pierce

Michael Jackson's Carry On Luggage.
John Goettge

UMMMMM... I think the plane tickets are in there somewhere...
Honey, did you have to pack all your shoes?
Well I think I will be good for a couple days!
Darn, I forgot to pack shoes!
Tony Holt

Air Africa now boarding!
Jackie Godfrey

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