John Deere Lawnmover

Why settle for a lawnmower when you can have a lawnmover?

For the busy executive - how to “fly” through your chores!

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John Deere Lawnmover Lawnmower

Captions from our readers...

Ok, now let's see... six lawns a second... This baby runs on grass trimmings...
Jeez! I'll have this 3.5 million dollar puppy paid off in two weeks!!!

EASILY keeping up with the Jones!
It's great to get the lawn cut in short order... but the cost of JP-4 Jet fuel is a killer!
Marge next door is going to flippin' KILL me! I just accidentally mowed down her entire two acre garden!
OK, OK... don't panic... I got the blades stopped... but where the heck are the flippin' BRAKES!!!
Ric Mossip

John Deere announced today that, in a surprise move, it has decided to branch out
by adding an armament division...

The ultimate tool for the ultimate multi-tasker: mow, mulch, weed, remove
stumps, remove ant beds, remove termites, dig that pool you've always
wanted, and get rid of your neighbor's annoying dog, all with one pass!

John Deere: making war on weeds for over thirty years...
Kirk Lowry

Ultimate tool for the ultimate fool.
Gabby Pierce

Invented by Bubba, Manufactured in Skeeter, WV.
Lillian Cobb

Nothing tips like a Deere.
Marlene Goodman

He's always flying high on grass.
Ron Wells

Runs like a deer?
L.B. Scott

I didn't want anything fancy... just a PLANE lawnmower!
William Weise

Big Toys for Big Boys
Elaine Powell

She might have took away my car keys, but she forgot about my ol' John Deer.
Jill Coloske

Redneck multi-tool double bladed lawnmower, .50 cal minigun, sidewinder
rockets, and can opener. Mow your 1200 acre lawn or blow it up and try again next year.

Carl Weiler

Moles, no match for John Deeres new Limited Edition Xseries A10*, with heat-seeking out front blades.
(*If purchased before march 08, pilot picture included)

John Deere really will blow open a can of whoop-ass on your lawn!
I hope its got emergency engine cut off on the seat...
Shooting tin cans as target practice down the garden entered a new realm...
Can you set auto-pilot to do stripes, or is it a one pass job?
Mark Every

Haters gonna hate.
Sterling Lanchester

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