Brick Layers - Cast in Stone

Caught forever in the act of fence climbing

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Brick layers cast in stone

Captions from our readers...

Mother was right about that lying-down with the dogs and getting up with fleas thing!
Russell Brownworth

Caution: Slow Children At Play!
Future politicians...
Dang, but those kids are as dubm as a load of bricks!
Kirk Lowry

It's true - you are what you eat.
Gabby Pierce

You kids never listen to me - talking to you is like talking to a brick wall!
Claire Morris

All you are is just another brick in the wall!
Gator Glass

People from eastern Berlin invented a new camouflage pattern
so they wouldn't be shot whilst fleeing to the West.

Hendrik Schuette

Finally, I'm done this wall, honey. Where are the kids?
Jamie Ciola

Why you should never make fun of the wicked witch and then try to run away.
Marlene Goodman

Quick, over the wall - I'm bricking it here.
Fred Carter

Santa, we know you're in there!
Christina Shaw

I told you boys this would happen if you tried to escape from the priest.
Rhonda Clark

It didn't take long for the neighborhood kids to quit hanging out with young Medusa.
Danny Aldrich

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