Game of Thinking

Or is it a game of thoughts to make you think?

- Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned?

- What if my dog only brings back my ball because he thinks I like throwing it?

- If poison expires, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous?

- Which letter is silent in the word “Scent”: the ‘S’ or the ‘C’?

- Why is the letter W, in English, called “double U”? Shouldn't it be called “double V”?

- Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you and it just takes 75-100 years to fully work.

- Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty.

- The word “swims” upside-down is still “swims.”

- Intentionally losing a game of rock, paper, scissors is just as hard as trying to win.

- 100 years ago everyone owned a horse and only the rich had cars. Today everyone has cars and only the rich own horses.

- Your future self is watching you right now through memories.

- If you replace “W” with “T” in “What”, “Where”, and “When”, you get the answer to each of them.

- Many animals probably need glasses, but nobody knows it.

- If you rip a hole in a net, there are actually fewer holes in it than there were before.

- If 2/2/22 falls on a Tuesday, we’ll just call it “2’s Day”.

- If you attempt to rob a bank you won’t have any trouble with rent/food or bills for the next 10 years, whether or not you are successful.

- The Doctors that told Stephen Hawking he had two years to live in 1953 are probably dead by now. (Post Note: unfortunately, so is Stephen Hawking!)

Why limit Happy to just one hour? - Unknown

Monogamy: A synonym for monotony. - Gregory Nunn

Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? - George Carlin

Why should things be easy to understand? - Thomas Pynchon

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? - George Carlin

A story expresses how and why life changes. - Robert McKee

Nothing ends nicely, that's why it ends. - Tom Cruise

You know why fish are so thin? They eat fish. - Jerry Seinfeld

Why, I'd horse-whip you if I had a horse. - Groucho Marx

Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown. - Charles de Gaulle

Why torture yourself when life will do it for you? - Laura Walker

Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? - Unknown

Why leave the nut you got for one you don't know? - Loretta Lynn

Everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait. - Leo Tolstoy

Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers. - Unknown

Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk? - Steven Wright

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. - Corrie ten Boom

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. - Lao-tzu

Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder! - Princess Leia

An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less. - Nicholas M Butler

Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them? - George Carlin

Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song? - George Carlin

Why are we honoring this man? Have we run out of human beings? - Milton Berle

If it’s the Psychic Network, why do they need a phone number? - Robin Williams

Why should I tolerate a perfect stranger at the bedside of my mind? - Vladimir Nabokov

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. - John C Maxwell

Why have all the pieces joined together to create such a cruel fate? - ichtys

I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way. - Mark Twain

Our waking hours form the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary. - Unknown

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said. - Peter F Drucker

It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

If we are a country committed to free speech, then why do we have phone bills? - Steven Wright

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said. - Peter Drucker

Why do croutons come in airtight packages? It's just stale bread to begin with. - George Carlin

When you can't remember why you're hurt, that's when you're healed. - Jane Fonda

When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie? - Lisa Loeb

You know you're a mom when you understand why mama bear's porridge was cold. - Jody Defries

The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him. - Stanislaw Jerszy Lec

Physiology is the stepchild of medicine. That is why Cinderella often turns out the queen. - Martin H. Fischer

All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why. - James Thurber

I want flowers, I don't want to text. What does that make me? What kind of dinosaur am I? - Jennifer Garner

There is no reason why the same man should like the same book at eighteen and at forty-eight. - Ezra Pound

Why was I with her? She reminds me of you.
In fact, she reminds me more of you than you do! - Groucho Marx

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. - Alan Dundes

I can't understand why I flunked American history. When I was a kid there was so little of it. - George Burns

Men forget everything; women remember everything. That's why men need instant replays in sports. - Rita Rudner

My husband always felt that a marriage and career don't mix. That's why he's never worked. - Phyllis Diller

Haters are just confused admirers because they can't figure out the reason why everyone loves you. - Jeffree Star

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present. - Bil Keane

They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here? - Paul Harvey

It's hard for me to imagine why a church that has younger members wouldn't have a blog component. - Mark Batterson

There goes a woman who knows all the things that can be taught and none of the things that cannot be taught. - Coco Chanel

My goal is simple. It is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all. - Stephen Hawking

Why is it that people rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the people involved. - Mark Twain

All satire is blind to the forces liberated by decay. Which is why total decay has absorbed the forces of satire. - Theodor Adorno

I can't understand why you don't get any mail from me. Perhaps it's because I haven't been writing. - Groucho Marx

He respects Owl, because you can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right. - A. A. Milne

All worthwhile men have good thoughts, good ideas, and good intentions, but precious few of them ever translate those into action. - John Hancock Field

I cannot for the life of me understand why small children take so long to grow up. I think they do it deliberately, just to annoy me. - Agatha Trunchbull

The best managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, rather than by trying to control their people. - Reed Hastings

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where And Who. - Rudyard Kipling

Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don't vote. - Paul Harvey

People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong. Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom? - Nhat Hanh

I've missed more than 9,000 shots. I've lost almost 300 games. I've failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan

Mathematicians are like Frenchmen: whatever you say to them they translate into their own language and forthwith it is something entirely different. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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