Vatican Window Cleaners

When you’re close to God you don’t need fall arrest protection

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Vatican Window Cleaners

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I wish they hadn’t put that statue so high up there.
Some parishioners found a great location for the wedding.
Jean Winkler

Which bucket do I use to clean her habit?
That’s a bad habit she’s got into.
Craig Biberdorf

Hey - I think I see my wallet...
Sylvia Johansson

Monk He See, Monk He Do
Roger Holt

The Pope is fast asleep even though past nine.
It’s time to wake him up - get me the bucket of water.

Girish Gangadharan

Even with an assistant, the Grim Reaper cannot even touch this Pope.
Marlene Goodman

I cannot believe that we fell for the old
“Who wants to be closer to God?” trick

Fred Piceno

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