Redneck Manual

Bubba spends hours spellchecking for his clients

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Redneck Manual

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Jethro’s not sure how long it will take to read the rest of the office policy manual.
Milo Benson

Wilbur seemed suspicious of Microsoft’s new “Quick Reference Guide”.
Teresa Fletcher

Cliff Notes introduces its newest series: 'Your Tax Laws (abridged) Explained!'
How to Raise Children
Understanding Women
'Introduction to the Universe' by Stephen Hawking
Kirk Lowry

Checking the Marriage Manual
Woman’s Rules
Bob Walker

Joe vows to learn the Canadian income tax law
Roger Holt

For the Women, Of the Women and By the Women
Girish Gangadharan

I just can’t keep up with all these new words in the slang dictionery.
Marlene Goodman

You are on page 1,542 or 243,580. Take your time and finish reading and be sure
to submit your report any time within the next two business days.
Please be concise and complete.

Mike Morrow

Caption: Red head owners manual
Dave Herrington

Now, where was I? Oh,yeah. “Assembling Space Shuttle” -
Step no. 3,772,051: Insert part AAK-4101b into slot 4077X2L

Fred Piceno

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