Redneck Windshield Wiper

Bubba’s wiper works even when the power goes out

Who was the first www (Windshield Wiper Woman)?

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Redneck Windshield Wiper
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Left, right, left, right...
Carol Thornton

One day Bubba was drunk and kept forgetting to pull the rope:
Taa-daa - Intermittent Wipers was invented!

Marlene Goodman

Green-ish car: expends less energy cleaning the windows
while blasting the AC to compensate for the windows being down!

Introducing Ford's new concept car, the Orleans... not to be driven in rain.
Kirk Lowry

See, I see stopped those Wiper Thieves... Darn, my stereo's gone.
Andrew Banner

It’s not just the rich who are pulling the strings...
Idske Mulder

The only time this is a problem is when it is raining and it comes in
the windows. But when it is dry, it is a completely workable system.

Mike Morrow

With optional chain and anchor brakes
Ralph Hammerl

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