Redneck Spare Tire

Bubba’s Rubba exceeds Redneck miles-per-tire standards

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Redneck Spare Tire

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Where the rubber barely hits the road
Maryse Laronde

How to spot a Somali pirate at the grocery store
Piloting... it's more of an obsession, really.
Kirk Lowry

That's wheel small
Roger Holt

You atta see my riding mower at home, what a hoot. Course it mows funny.
Donald H. Sartori

What's the matter? Ain't you never seen training wheels before?
Good thing little Billy's wagon had wheels before I ran over it.
The Recession Fighter Donut - less inflation.
Marlene K. Goodman

Figured if I'd use Mom's rollator's wheels, I wouldn't need a driver's license...
Idske Mulder

My neighbor, Goober, said that with smaller tires, I would get better
gas mileage so I am trying it out. I hope it works real good.

Mike Morrow

I believe Detroit might be overdoing their ‘Compact Spare’ program just a bit.
Fred Piceno

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