Chair Ruler

How a math teacher finds the right angle

Did you hear about the Constipated Mathematician?

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Chiar Ruler

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... unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints...
Uhhhh, no, we didn't blow our budget on the cheerleading squad... why d'ya ask?
Kirk Lowry

He obviously doesn't like his students to sit around.
How to visualize that you'd better not sit on it when you have a problem.
Idske Mulder

Is that in inches or centimeters?
If only Johnny would return return my ruler...
Phil Forde

Teacher compromises school board with endowed chair.
Ron Miller

Problem Solving 101, Sammy - let's pretend I don't have a ruler either.
Rhiannyn Grahame

Chairman of the Mathematics Department, Professor Minus, demonstrates the formula
used to find the angle of the dangle, which he shows, is equal to the heat of the seat.

Mark Prairie

Of course you'll have to use your own chair on the test.
Marlene K. Goodman

Trying to find the slope of the chair?
Girish Gangadharan

Have you ever wondered what happened to McGyver?
David Watts

Now students, obviously you cannot use seat-of-the-pants techniques for complex mathematics like this, and I strongly encourage you to rely on the Chair of the Department for valuable insights.
Tom Clyne

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