Thirst Quencher Fridge

Meet your oasis for life!
Bubba reaches the Holey Grail of beer chillers

Foods your fridge shouldn’t be without

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Thirst Quencher Fridge

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Honey did you make it to the store to buy the beer for our 4th of July cook out?
Darwin McKee

You might think having 1 of every beer in a huge fridge out on the street all
opened up is a bad idea... but when the Cubs come along, I'm the king in town!

Brendan Groeneveld

599 bottles o' beer on the wall, 599 bottles o' beer... how far is it to Mtigwaki?
Irvin Kauffman

Bob, formerly labeled 'science geek', was suddenly granted a lifetime membership in Phi Beta Kappa.
Great explorer Dwayne Cartwright has discovered the Garden of Eden... on a beach in the Caribbean!
What??? No 'Moosepiss Dark Ale'??? This place sucks
Got wings?
Kirk Lowry

Yes dear, I'm all packed for the vacation!
Just counting to be sure I haven't forgotten anything.

Idske Mulder

Mmmmm, beer! But Mo, where's the Duff?
After his tragic climbing accident, Charles finally reached the Pearly Gates.
Philip Bassett

So you don't have any Brown Ale then?
Chris Stout

Beauty is in the eye of the 'beerholder'.
Linda Newman

Of all places to be stuck without a bottle opener...
Blake Burnett

Decisions... Desicions...
Travis Kern

Genie: OK son, what's your second wish?
Dude: No - I'm good. Thanks, that about covers it.
Kyle Wilckens

What do you mean I have a drinking problem?
Jasmine Weiss

Hey! Were you born in a barn? Shut the door! All the beers gonna get warm!
Paul Bottel

Darn, we're out of milk again.
Joseph Howard

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