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Dental Tooth Extraction Drill

Captions from our readers...

Doctor, I believe you have the magnifiers on backwards!
Terry Mossip

Yeah, Home Depot had this GREAT sale this weekend! You should've been there...
Novacane.... NOVACANE!!!
Yeah... he's with HMO.
Hang on... you did call for the 7/8 drill bit, right? Or was that the 1/8?
Kirk Lowry

How to tell if your dentist was 'drilled' by a contractor...
Idske Mulder

We're supposed to be fixing cavities, not creating them!
Now THAT'S gonna leave a cavity!
Hmmm... dentistry AND brain surgery all in one!
David Bailey

Better dentistry through Black and Decker.
Barbara Fitzgerald

Bore-n Again Dentist creates own Hole-In-One!
Karen Moore

Irvin Kauffman

One screw is the solution of your missing tooth problem.
Rose Timmons

Don't worry about your tooth, I've just chopped the end of my finger off.
Philip Bassett

The dentist went deaf from the drill holes.
Linda Newman

Just relax - I know what I'm doing...
Lori Rogers

This won't hurt the bit.
Tom Napoli

Good thing we put him to sleep. He's gonna feel that in the morning.
Gives a new meaning to being hit by a mack truck.
Oh Man - I think I just drilled the wrong tooth... Think he will notice?
Della Norton

Open wide. You know the drill!
Joseph Howard

Cavity being filled or being made?
Rajani Pugalia

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