BrokeBack Ballet

Bending over Back-wards four-ever

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More young hopefuls left hanging-out-to-dry!
Irvin Kauffman

Any idea where the children are hanging out, dear?
Idske Mulder

Alieve... for all your aches and pains...
Tryouts for the live-action filming of 'Gumby' started today...
Kirk Lowry

They'll bend over backwards for you!
Richard D. Thiessen

I told you girls you were out of shape. Not one of you can touch your toes yet.
Darwin McKee

After failing the audition, these four young hopefuls were hung out to dry.
Philip Bassett

These back exercises kill me!
Chris Stout

You spineless cowards!
Megan Kok

You didn't have to LITERALLY bend over backwards for me!
Charlotte Sellwood

Geez, talk about the butterfly effect!
Mrs Brown

Four ballerinas walk into a bar...
Joseph Howard

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