Abandon Ship - Japanese Style

Sailors know what to do when they run out of lifeboats

Titanic safety precautions for air-itable employees!

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Day one of the JHA (Japanese Hemorrhoid ASSociation)'s annual cruise...
Waidaminnit... are these things supposed to be lead-lined?
Kirk Lowry

O, o, o, o, o!
Is this for real or just for the show?
They blow and they blow and they blow
And none of us will ever know
'Cause when in despair
They all let out the air
It blew in the sails
And made them turn tails!

Idske Mulder

Oh no, not 'river sausage' again, hemorrhoids not have hUmor!
Irvin Kauffman

The Captain was known to be a practical joker, but the quick drying adhesive gas was his favourite.
Philip Bassett

Genetically Engineered Giant 'Ring Bean' Eating Competition.
John Behr

When the boss of Nissan got a flat tyre, everyone wanted to help out.
Chris Stout

Whoopie cushions have gone high tech.
Linda Newman

Blow hard!
Tom Napoli

'Balloon Animals 101' at the Acme Clown School
Daniel Mosemann

Simon Says: Blow Blow Blow your Floats, and toss them gently down the stream...
Do you think the enemy will see us coming? No, this is camouflage for deep sea swimming.
Ha, ha, ha! When they see us they will think it is Christmas in our red and green gear.
Fruitloops for elephants made in Japan.
The captain said he wanted us to play the Bagpipes! What are you doing?
Della Norton

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