Training Wheel Roller Coaster

Don’t forget your helmet when you ride this roller coaster

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Bicycle Training Wheel Roller Coaster Ride

Captions from our readers...

Found a way to cut down on those long lines this summer!
Harri S Teins

You're doing great honey - now try now to fall off at the next loop the loop...
Helena Pogonowska

That's a great way to get her on to 2 wheels.
Naidean Dundas

FOR SALE: one bike, used once, slight dent
Malcolm Fellows

Budget Cutbacks Have Affected Six Flags!
William Wade

Life is like a rollercoaster - just remember to wear your helmet.
Stephanie Denman

But if I buy the adult ticket, I get a seat in the car right?
Ward Holmes

Close down the roller coaster, huh, well close this you bastards. Lawsuit!
Diane Putnam

Now Honey, remember to let go of the handle bars and raise your hands in the air.
Ron Wells

Do us a favour, give us a push!
Barry Gilfoyle

Look Mom!, you were right! Playing on the road would be dangerous!
Look at that car coming... I could have been hit!.

Michael Thomas

Little Suzy complained one too many times about being bored.
The one and only time amusement park employees participated in the
'Take Your Daughter To Work' program.

L.B. Scott

Look ma no feet, {NEXT HILL}
Look ma no hands, {AFTER THE FIRST LOOP} Look ma no teeth...

Terry Mossip

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