Self Moon

Where did I put it? Did I leave it “Behind” me?

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Rear view mirror.
Dave Beauregardin

You are right, it does make my butt look fat.
Joel Jacks

Management Training: How to shove your head up your own arse.
Kirk Lowry

Beware - Moon River
Blast Off!
Where's my ring?
Moon over my acne
Is my hair even now?
Let's not split hairs over this OK?
Vic Mar

Everything depends on your point of view.
John Meares

If you take away the hand, body and face it looks like cartoon legs.
Marisa Poll

Does this suit make my butt look big?
Toaster Theman

Darn it, missed my period again!
Mon Ureta

Now, why were all of those men looking at my butt?
Lucas Demers

Don't you think that the high heels add a touch of class to my picture?
Ron Wells

I'm sure it's here somewhere.
Barry Gilfoyle

Hope you don't mind if I watch while you kiss my butt.
L.B. Scott

And Charlie was jealous of the dog!
Robbin Greer

It's not that I don't crave a cigarette right now. Its just that... I had beans for lunch.
Vince Fried

Milk, Hell... Got Vaseline?
Irvin Kauffman

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
Dawn Lazzini

OK, where are my glasses?
Nick Aslett

My butt itches.. I can't reach it!
Bob Folli

Hey, where did ya go?
Wayne Federline

Attempted Suicide by Fart in Face.
Nick Amso

Always in the last place you look.
Kevin Leigh

Who says I can't see where I'm going?
Tom Napoli

And from here you can see Uranus.
Joe La Rosa

Still not sure how Obama gets his head in there?
Jaime Valk

So, it’s true. You really can look at things bassackwards.
Larry Horowitz

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