Raccoon Feeding - Child Version

Using your son to check whether the raccoon’s safe or not

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Child support.
Dave Beauregardin

Next time I'll hit the ball AWAY from the window, Dad!
Just get me out of here!

Amanda Selvidge

OK Pa, I'll spend the night at Neverland!
Dan Zerbs

That Alligator guy has got nothing on us, Son!
Dad, am I supposed to have four fingers or five?
Luke D. Spaseff

I'm sure he still has some pockey money left! Shake harder!
George Bergmann

Dad! They Wash Hands Before They Eat! Neat Huh, Ma...
Jack Byrd

Well, that's one way to get around the 'Don't Feed the Animal' signs.
Wait, pull him back up. There's a park employee coming.
Tiara Shanafelt

OK Son, now let's go feed the lions...
Tom Steele

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