Hay Bale Art On The Prairies

Other uses for hay bales - this one didn’t bale out in time

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Hay Bale Art on the Prairies

Captions from our readers...

Hey, Bubba, y'all seen Ma's cat anywhere 'round here?
Kirk Lowry

I'm sure that needle is in here somewhere...
Des Condon

As Paul Harvey would say, And now you know the rest of the story.
Billy Knoll

Darn It! I Have Hay Fever
Jack Byrd

You snooze, you lose.
John Schultz

All I need is a good roll in the hay, and I'm fine.
Jeff Spicoli

A hare too slow.
John Meares

That's one way to hide bi-products...
Kels Endreson

This was sold to Paris Hilton for $400 as a reminder of her Simple Life days.
Tiara Shanafelt

Now you know the REAL ending to the Tortoise and the Hare...
...so that's how the tortoise beat the hare!
Terry Meagher

Elmer Fudd:  “Where did that cwazy wabitt go?
Ron Wells

Rabbit Transit
Irvin Kauffman

Apparently the tortoise isn't the only thing faster than the rabbit.
Michael Thomas

Must be deer season... they will do anything to hide!
Tony Holt

Newspaper Headline - Convict Rabbit Tries to Jump 'Bale'!
Jordan Stivers

Without proper protection, a roll in the hay can end badly..
Just a hare out of place.
Just a hare away from a perfect bale.
That rabbit was fast, but I tractor down!
Brad Hunter

Our Bales guaranteed 99% hay!
This is what happens when a Baler gets hare in it's mouth.
Hay bale, now a hare product!
Nicholas Haruk

That’s not a very Christian Bale
It was the straw that broke the rabbit’s back “Doe!”” (D’oh/ female rabbit...)
Jennifer Nicholson

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