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Dr. Muhamad’s dental plan

Teeth extracted by the latest methodists

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Don't put the bite on your budget!
At TeethAndGumsRUs we can save U $$$ on quality retreads...

Brian Whitefield

Retiring tooth fairy trying to make a buck.
Andrea Jónsdóttir

And here is the denture of Queen Elizabeth the Second...
Tiara Shanafelt

I'll take 3 bicuspids please.
Mickey Stoll

Getting this guy to do anything is like pulling teeth.
L.B. Scott

We can use a guy like you, here in Thompson, Manitoba. PLEEEAAASE CALL. [the mayor]
Terry Mossip

Wanted - open mouthers. Gums welcome.
Linda Newman

Welcome to the Denture Wharehouse!
Use our teeth or your recently departed loved ones' teeth.
All dentures are made with the highest-quality craft glue!
Today's Special: Buy a full set and we will upgrade the craft glue to airplane glue at no additional cost!
(does not include gold or silver teeth. Some restrictions apply. See our ad for details)

D. K. Browne

Beware of Obama Health Care Reform street vendor scams!
Jaime Valk

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