“Back” To Work

Next time you think the boss has given you a heavy load...

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Back Breaking Work

Captions from our readers...

I'll have to give up the pipe after all, too much work,
and go back on the cigarettes!

Des Condon

Is this what they call pumping iron?
We need a garden irrigation system," she says. So I say, Honey, we'll save a bundle if we do it ourselves...
Jacqui Graham

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.
The pipes are heavy
and the wages too low.
Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

It kinda gets ya' singing the dwarfs song!
Amanda Selvidge

Now I see why that sneaky elephant called in sick today!
Pippa Julian

The boss was cruel on those who were late to work.
Cory Prior

The job description said 'BYOB'... how was I to know that meant 'break your only back'!
Bob Schultz

And you think your job sucks?
Brandon Guttersohn

... And with only one leg too!
Gene Davidson

These are the biggest liquorish sticks that I could find.
Ron Wells

Sewer... That's what you say!
Irvin Kauffman

WHY didn't I listen to my career advisor!
Chris Le Mottée

Nah. This is the easy part. I have to carry them back filled with coccaine!
Vince Fried

Dude, this is gonna be the biggest bong ever!
Rick Clanton

Hey Abdul, do you think Osama is going a little crazy with these pipe bombs for our suicide bombers?
Andrew Ussery

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