Almost Unique Apartment For Rent

Looking for a cozy apartment, and cramped’s your style?

“Where can I find 925 Sardine Place?”

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Almost Unique Apartment - Sardine Packed Units

Captions from our readers...

Hey Dude, this is crate, Man. How's your crate?
Des Condon

Nice apartment for rent:
small; centrally located; plenty of close neighbors.
*WARNING* not good apartment for those with claustrophobia.

Elisha Doss

Someone on a cell phone:Are you sure you are standing on your balcony? I still can't see you.
Ron Wells

No wonder Bush couldn't find the Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Robbin Greer

Room for rent. Elevator goes all the way to the top, but the door doesn't open up.
Linda Newman

Where's Waldo? (UK: Where's Wally?)
Matthew Waygood

Cracker boxes, can't believe how high you can stack them.
Tom Napoli

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