Do you know your life expectancy? This Test has been prepared for information purposes only. Its information is selective and may not be complete, accurate or suitable for your purposes... and it is definitely not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you need accurate results - consult your qualified medical practitioner... If you want to enjoy this with the joe-kster, take it and enjoy - for the rest of your expected life! Share your score with friends! Good Luck!

      Are you female? 

      Did any of your grandparents live to age 85?

      Did all your grandparents reach age 80?

      Did either of your parents die of cardiovascular disease before age 50?

      Did any of your parents or siblings either have/had cancer, heart condition
      or juvenile diabetes before age 50?

      When you exercise, do you exercise at moderate intensity (aerobically)
      for at least 30 minutes?

      How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

      Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?

      Do you eat a healthy breakfast (cereal, toast or fruit)?

      Do you have high blood pressure?

      Do you have elevated cholesterol?

      Do you drink more than 6 standard alcoholic drinks per day?

      Do you drive more than 40,000 km (or 24,000 miles) a year?

      Did you receive a speeding ticket in the past year?

      Your age?

      Do you either sleep less than 5 hours or more than 10 hours a night?

      Do you live in an urban area?

      Do you live in a rural area?

      Do you you work at a desk?

      Are you physically active?

      Do you plan to work past the age of 60?

      Did you complete high school?

      Do you have a university degree?

      Are you:

      Do you earn more than $60,000 a year?

      Do you live alone?

      Rate yourself on how much pleasure you get from:



            Love life

            Where you live

      Do you expect to live a long and healthy life?

      Do you have a pet?

      Do you promise to read and pass on groaner Joe-ks?