Car Shoelusion

Reebok’s new heel deal

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Car Shoelusion Illusion

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Captions from our readers...

Going to the car shoe this weekend?
Sarah Fleming

Runners: be car-ful what you ask for!
Frank Farmere

Ooh, I love my man... but Oh, you Ked!!!
Irvin Kauffman

Do they also come in a 10-and-a-half?
Just don't ask where the blisters form...
Hmmmmm... wonder if my Dr. Scholls turbo-booster engine would fit in there...
Kirk Lowry

Reebok's W(HEELS)?
Girish Gangadharan

If this thing breaks down you have to call a TOE truck.
Runs all day on little gas but you need odor eaters after a long drive.
When you kick the tires, this thing kicks back!
Marlene K. Goodman

My twin brother drives the right shoe
This is what I call a kick-starter
Idske Mulder

My other shoe is a car.
Mike Morrow

This little number was owned by a little old lady, who lived in it.
Fred Piceno

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