Carden Garden

Community Vehicle Reclamation Project gone to seed

New SCRAP (Scrap Car Removal And Plant) Program - compost option

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Carden Garden - SCRAP scrap car removal and plant program

Captions from our readers...

Yes dear, I'll mow the lawns in the morning... talk about movable turf!
Phil Forde

You're in a heap of trouble, boy... that Weed's illegal!
Irvin Kauffman

Whadda ya mean, its high time I cleaned out my car?
No, officer, I'm not transporting grass... why do you ask?
Kirk Lowry

Hon', would you park the park car in the car park please, or we'll end up with a blooming ticket!
Idske Mulder

The new turfo charged Swedish Sod 900, that's one grassy chassis!
The new Ford Fairway!
The Dodge Divot!
The Chevy Chia!
Mark Prairie

Ecology class car!
Darlene Benson

This is what happens when you put too much fertilizer on it!
Graham Benson

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