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Wrap Around Text Love

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It's just the paperboy honey. I'll take care of it!
Mark Prairie

Taking a love for reading to new levels.
Levar Burton and the shocking 'Reading Rainbow' scandal...
Love a good book?
Penthouse Letters will never be the same again.
Kirk Lowry

Words fail me...
It'll never sell, the writing is too personal!
Irvin Kauffman

Just reach out and touch someone... with a heartfelt letter.
Kathy Williams

Let the words surround and captivate you.
Embrace the story to become part of it.
Rhiannyn Grahame

A student who embraces the written word.
His words just reached out and grabbed me.
Andrea Sif Jónsdóttir

Since she fell in love, she's all wrapped up in writing.
Can't get a word in edgewise...
Idske Mulder

It must be Love - it's written all over your face!
Mike Trimble

Hmmmm! NOW for spell check...
Mr Write
What a novel relationship they have!
A picture is worth one thousand words.
Mrs Brown

I Love Reading; Reading Loves Me.
Samantha Moore

Sometimes Words Are Not Enough
MG Chimaera

This isn't what they call... 'POETIC LICENCE", is it?
I'm touched... Truly touched. I, I have no words to express... But,
there's just far too many spelling errors here... the relationship just
won't last!

Barry K, The Big Kahuna

Embracing words
Clark Gibson

A writer totally wrapped up in her work!
Bill Mielniczuk

You must be a hard copy.
Rick Brennecke

Everyone has a story to tell.
Danica Skirly

Letters: For Lover's Who Can't Afford a Cell Phone or DSL Hook Up
Vincent Edwards

And one more thing my love... If I die in this stupid war,
please give the enclosed letter to our daughter when she turns 18. Love, me.

Mike Rothwell

Love Story...
Dave Westwood

Who said poetry can't reach out and touch someone?
It was the love of reading rainbow that got her started.
See I told you that when you look closer the 3D image appears.
So real you can reach out and touch it...

Della Norton

Like poetry and a novel, thousands of words can be spoken, but sometimes, all we really need, is a hug...
Pat Dooley

I care about the living word.
Tim Paul

Find comfort in a book.
Graydon Pieterse

Imagination can be real
Mary Didla

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