Childhood Romance

First Valentine

Shunned by her first true love, Amy plans for Kindergarten revenge

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Childhood Romance - Shunned by her first true love

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That kid's just gross! He blew his nose on me the other day too!
Darrel Riffle

Later, Little Bill would learn to play the saxophone and eventually become President.
Mark Prairie

So what, I'm laughing on the wrong side of my mouth!
He's kissing on the wrong side of his head!
Idske Mulder

Where's MY stamp?
Cut, CUT, the kid's holding hands with herself!
Irvin Kauffman

I can feel something happening... Yes! You're sucking my teeth out too!
David Duncan

You're not kissing me anymore lover, you have boy germs!
Rick Brennecke

Darn that Betty Sue. She didn't care about Billy at all until I told her I liked him.
Now, look at her, the little fluzzie.

Paul Bottel

Wait till I tell my Mommy on you.
Ohhhh... You wait till you are alone by the swings.
Della Norton

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