Airbus 2006 - A Tale of Two Pilots

New Airbus design - for “sucked-in” passengers

Discount fares now available for all Airheads

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Airbus Tale of Two Pilots

Captions from our readers...

This is Bob, the airplane designer. This is Bob, the airplane designer, on Sudafed. Any questions?
In other news, Salvadore Dali was forced to take a 'real' job today due to inflation and rising gas prices...
American Airlines rolled out the newest addition to their fleet today, the 'Pigeonator 2000'...
Kirk Lowry

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!
Holly Jones

Identical twins wanted for a real pilot job!
Hairstylists will be available during your trip, as well as at the next airport.
No heavy hand-luggage allowed...
A breath-taking voyage!
Idske Mulder

I don't have the power Cap'n! Nor do the oth'r guys!
ugh, what are those Dutch up to now?!?” 
(noting how the plane is owned by KLM, a dutch airline business)
Brendan Groeneveld

Starboard crew to Port crew: We have been cleared for take off.
Port crew to Starboard crew: We will taxi and you can do lift off.
Looks like all that fuss over getting a window seat has been solved.
Oh crap! Those Sadistic engineers forgot to put a toilet in our reduced crew area.
That's why they gave us windows and a bucket.
Darwin McKee

Forget DVT, it's BFT - Big Fan Turbulence!
I'd like a window seat under the starboard wing, please.
Could I have an extra blanket please, it's very draughty?
Des Condon

This Airbus really sucks!
Carl Estes

The guy who designed this must really hate birds.
Braden Evans

There is immediate seating in the center section for those passengers traveling with Profile cards!
Irvin Kauffman

We've solved fuel economy, but what happens when the pilots want to go different directions?
Matt MacGown

... and leave the driving to us!
June Brobst

President Bush comes up with a new design to help fight terrorism.
Joseph Isfan Jr.

Mike Maguire

Darnit - I left the keys in my other cockpit!
Brett Tucker

Keep back pedaling - you're not there yet.
Linda Newman

Solution to back cockpit flyer!
Tony Holt

I said, 'HEADS BACK'!
Jennifer Anderson

Newfoundland's first jetliner rolls out for viewing...
Jerry Van Horne

Like sex in the bathroom, can't tell if they're coming or going.
Tom Napoli

Welcome to black hole airlines
Ralph Hammerl

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