White House Phone - Communication Problems

Wrong-end phone specially made for Dubya

“Hello - is this the White House or the Wong House?”

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White House Phone Communication

Captions from our readers...

Why is it that everything I touch gets screwed up?
Larry Beall

Can you hear me now?........
Rachel D.

Quick, maybe if they see me on the phone they'll finally think I'm smart!
Ariana Dastis

Huh, this is new... the voices in my ear tellin' me what to do seemed to have subsided.
Kelsey Corcoran

Uh huh......yeah...fine..do it...yeah...uh huh ...uh huh....do it ...do it...uh huh
Bobbie Gizey

Yes Mr. Army, we need to fix the phone line, I'm tired of all of the
outages. Dick, ya there? Hello?

Scott Kingsley Clark

Hello, I can't hear you, hello????????????
Kyle Owens

Why almost half of the USA thinks Kenny should be president...
Andrea Jónsdóttir

Sadam, do you deny having weapons of mass destruction? Sadam???
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't invade your country...
Fine... Have it your way then...

Ron McCoy

Daddy, help me I screwed up the US & Iraq - what should I do?
Howard Rudolf

Ya know, Dick makes a whole lot more sense this way.
Damn this hotline to FEMA!
Marlene Goodman

Do you have Prince Albert in the can?... You do? Well let him out.
Ron Wells

Uncle bin Laden are you there?
Brad Turek

No President left behind.
L.B. Scott

I enjoy talking to Liberals. They are usually talking out of the other end anyways!
Michael Knott

Daddy, they're making fun of me again. DADDY? DADDY?
Robbin Greer

Hold my calls, I've got peace talks with Hawaii!
Tom Wilson

If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.
Linda Newman

Okay, you're right... things will be better once Hillary is back in this office!
Amber Short

What's the upside again?
Heh. This is how I make sure they only speak when spoken to and never talk back.
I'm a leader. I demand respect.

As president of the United States, I keep an open line of communication available to every
sovereign nation in the world so we can freely discuss our differences whenever necessary.
I just answer the phone upside down so I can invade ya later.

Brad Hunter

He reminds me of Stevie Wonder 'cause he looks like he's blind.
Jimmy Tavolino

No, I am the President and this is right... Bill Clinton told me about this before he left. I have to hold it this way when I talk to China.
Andrew Ussery

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