Me? No - I Use That Hydrant

“Quick - open the windows... it stinks in here!”

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Ask your mom to buy you pampers; you'll have more time for fun.
Aline Perret-Vallee

Hey - you forgot the baby!
Hey, Stinky Pants - See My Dad Chase that Car!
Hey, Stinky Pants - That WAS MY DAD chasing that Car!
Hey, Stinky Pants - Get your own Damn window!
Hey, Stinky Pants - We'll watch the world go by together!
Hey, Stinky Pants - I was told to be your Best Friend!
Hey, Stinky Pants - CAT ALERT!
Hey, Stinky Pants - Where's the Windex!
Jack Byrd

OK, we're done learning how to walk... what's next?
I suppose jumping is next!

Anne G.

ooooooooo, look how far he goes!
Susie Gay

Me? No - I am talking about that cute little one in Red Diapers!

Now pay attention! We crawl out the window, then over to the wadding pool.
Next over to the big tree by the sidewalk (no stopping at the fire
hydrant this time) - then it's just a quick crawl to the ice cream truck. Ya
know, if you don't bark this time, we'll be back before Mom even knows
we're gone! Ready?

Rick Rambin

Baby Joe, my friend, some day this whole world will be yours!
You really think so, Mr. Oscar?

Mark Prairie

Do you think they'll come back for us?
As soon as they get around the corner, open the back door and let everyone in, Let's Party!
Really? well I have to wait for mommy to clean it up.
Why didn't they take us with them?
Never mind her. Who's the babe with her?
Remember now, that sandbox is my territory.
Laura Manory

Check out that girl with the tight diapers! Hey baby - your crib or mine?
Howard Rudolf

Is it your turn to bite the mailman or is it my turn?
L.B. Scott

Just picture us later... when we grow up...
being two old guys sitting on a balcony at the Muppet Show.

Idske Mulder

I Don't Care What BUSH Says The Oil Ain't Worth It.
Bob Hopper

Hey-y-y! You ate the last bug!
Donna Faye

Hey see that cat? When we get outside I'll show you what to do!
Tony Holt

Aye Chihuahua
yo quiero Taco Bell
Did somebody say biscuit?
Leonore Garcia

Ya see little man, life ain't always black and white. There's lots of color out there!
Patricia A. Dooley

The sitter's sleeping, let's hit it!
Pete Tousignant

Nah, nothing new to chew out there. Let's head back in.
Safety patrol reports all clear.
Brad Hunter

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