Crocodile Escape
Surviving a crocodile infested river swim

Three Canadian adventurers are in a boat going down a river in Africa that is infested with crocodiles.

The boat springs a leak. People on the shore yell, “Don’t jump overboard, the crocs will get you!”

The first adventurer ignores their cries. He dives into the river and swims bravely toward the shore. But the crocs attack him, and before he can reach the shore, they eat him alive.

The second adventurer meets the same fate.

The third adventurer disappears from sight in the bottom of the boat. A few minutes later he emerges, naked. There is something written on his rear end. He dives into the river, swims like mad, and makes it safely to the shore.

“What did you do? Why didn’t the crocs attach you?” the crowds ask.

“I wrote “Jean Chretien is a genius” on my left buttock. I knew the crocs wouldn’t swallow that!”

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