Camel Bike

Steed of Steel on the desert

Kuwait greenspiration - re-cycled desert mirages

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Camel Bike

Initiation into the Shriner's 'Blind Bedouin Bikers' club
Kent Lofting

Yep, he's a camel driver!
What's he driving at?
Idske Mulder

I bet he can't Kuwait to get home
The camel-bike: Works great in the desert - it can go a long time without oil
He's going to add a hump and have a tandem
Marlene K. Goodman

New Cycle Brand - BUMP ON HUMP
Girish Gangadharan

And for 2011, the new rules apply for 'Tour de France'
Andrew Banner

His mother was a dromedary. His father was a Schwinn.
Fred Piceno

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