Stooletto Heels

Shoes with high expectations

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Stooletto High Heels

Captions from our readers...

The Stupid Shoes Fashion Statement reaches new heights.
Unbeknownst to Hillary, 'stoolettos' do not get you votes.
Marlene K. Goodman

New! Wacky Walker Walkers (not approved for street walking)
Irvin Kauffman

Heck, its ALWAYS happy-hour... somewhere!
How to spot a bar-fly.
Kirk Lowry

The Villager's concern over a possible three-toed alien invasion was quelled, when
someone followed the mysterious footprints into the local gin mill.

Mark Prairie

She likes a seat under her feet.
Idske Mulder

I guess it's safe to say you have just enough chairs of all sizes and levels of unnecessary...-ness...
But what about me, where's my special mini chairs?

Cory Prior

The Munchkins called, they want their barstools back.
Mike Morrow

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