Sounds The Same
Taking a foul fowl to a bizarre bazaar down a coarse course?

A baker’s compulsion
The need to knead.

A letter to your hunting “partner”
“Dear deer...”

A vegetable dripping water?
A leak leek.

After finishing a Russian book?
You’ve read red.

Medieval thoughts at the end of the day?
A Knight’s night.

Not being very tough for seven days?
A weak week.

What did the carpenter say when asked if his building would withstand an earthquake?
“My wood would.”

What did the runner have when he couldn’t finish the race?
A laps lapse.

What do deer use to make bread?
Doe dough.

What do female deer do when they get very tired?
The does doze.

What do fleas on dogs do when you spray them with bug spray?
The fleas flee.

What do people who work on boats do when they’re out at sea?
The crews cruise.

What do you call a black mineral that miners dig from the ground in winter?
Cold coal.

What do you call a duck that never bathes?
A foul fowl.

What do you call a funeral for a small fruit?
A berry bury.

What do you call a girl in the morning?
Dawn’s Dawn.

What do you call a group of crickets that hang out together?
A click clique.

What do you call a group of musicians that are forbidden to play?
A banned band.

What do you call a line of fish eggs?
A roe row.

What do you call a male floating in the sea?
A boy buoy.

What do you call a military officer’s corn seeds?
The colonel’s kernels.

What do you call a part of a shoe in your body?
A sole soul.

What do you call a rough and bumpy road or pathway?
A coarse course.

What do you call a sailor’s bellybutton?
A naval navel.

What do you call a smashed purple vegetable?
A beat beet.

What do you call a very strange marketplace?
A bizarre bazaar.

What do you call an act of walking up and down using your eyes?
A stair stare.

What do you call an ordinary aircraft?
A plain plane.

What do you call an underground home for a donkey?
A burro burrow.

What do you call it when two different pairs of people are sword fighting?
Dual duels.

What do you call money hidden in a secret place?
A cash cache.

What do you call the location of your eye?
Your sight site.

What do you call the noise that tennis players make?
Racquet racket.

What do you call the place where a physician keeps his boat?
The doc’s dock.

What do you call the reason blackbirds make lots of noise?
The caws’ cause.

What do you do when you bend little tiny specks of something?
You flex the flecks.

What do you do when you hit a seashell with a stick?
You conk a conch.

What do you do when you listen at this place?
Your hear here.

What do you get when you tighten the ropes on tents too much?
You get tense tents.

What does a button do?
Close clothes.

What does a Fido employee do?
Sells cells.

What does a hard thief do?
Steal steel.

What does a person from Thailand wear around his neck?
A Thai tie.

What do the Queen and the sky have in common?
They reign in the rain.

What happened when the bear scratched its back on the tree?
It left fur on the fir.

What happened when the cowboy called the cows?
The herd heard.

What happens to shellfish that work out in a gym for long periods of time?
The mussels get muscles.

What happens when you surf the Internet?
You catch sight of a site.

What is a bunny fur?
Hare hair.

What is a reasonable amount of money to pay for an airplane ticket?
A fair fare.

What is a tree with lots of grains?
A beach beech.

What is a walkway on an island?
An isle aisle.

What is a wonderful drain cover?
A great grate.

What is an electric bulb that doesn’t weigh very much?
A light light.

What is dull and made of wood?
Bored board.

What kind of boat does a pixie use to cross the river?
A fairy ferry.

What kind of song do men sing in Church?
A him hymn.

What probably happened if your car won’t stop?
A brake break.

What walks in the woods with nothing on?
A bare bear.

What you bake in the grass?
Flour flower.

What you have on the golf course?
Tea on the tee.

What you ride when your throat is sore?
A hoarse horse.

When a clock meets a herb?
It’s time for thyme.

When a woman gives birth in a hot country?
She has a sun son.

When is a cow picky?
When it wants to choose what it chews.

When you look away from an island?
You see sea.

Who is all around and next to the throne?
An air heir.

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