Lightweight Safety Glasses

This guy forgot to Google Goggles!

How not to promote safer work practices @ construction sites

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Lightweight Safety Glasses

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WARNING... Stunt done by Professional Finisher in Closed Project. Kids - Don't Try This At Home!
Irvin Kauffman

Thanks for the tip, Enrique! I'm glad that we're finally over that whole 'I slept with your wife' thing...
Mexico: putting the 'Y' in safety!
Yes, there is such a thing as 'too much Tequila'.
Kirk Lowry

How to keep your steel prices low...
Perhaps the boss needs some new glasses too; they might open his eyes!
Idske Mulder

Shortly after this picture was taken, Spalding's makeshift face shield fogged,
obscuring his vision. It was then he realized, using a right

angle air grinder to perform a self-pedicure was a bad idea.
To lighten the monotonous drudgery, the workers would sing songs with a
sound similar to a large kazoo band.

Mark Prairie

Say boss, are you sure this is the standard non-union safety wear?
Andrew Edel

An ounce of prevention may only be just that (rather than a pound of cure).
Don't settle for less when it comes to Safety.

Jay Canfield

Gawd! This job is killing me!
Sue Gosselin

OSHA has only had to come out a few times this week.
Did you say I needed boots AND plastic goggles? What are those?
What do you mean, this will melt to my face?
Della Norton

Hey, stupid! The boss said “Don't breathe in the dirty air particles”,
not “Don't breathe.”

Fred Piceno

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