Motorbike Surfing

“Surf’s Up” replaced by “Bike’s Up” in Hawaii

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Motorbike Surfing

Captions from our readers...

There's more than one way to lose your motorcycle...
Idske Mulder

Next trick: How to do wheelies on a motorcycle!
Karen Moore

Geico now covers motorcycles! They don't, however, cover idiots.
Yeah... he took a wrong turn at Alberquerque.
The tires aren't the only things full of hot air here!
Kirk Lowry

Hey Dude, slow down or you'll aquaplane!
Peter Wright

Last time I buy the cheapest GPS!
Chuck Dewey

Local Biker Joe (Pineapple) Dole, Inventor of the leather life jacket,
catches a rare 'Hawaiian Hardwater Wave'.

In an effort to save money on shipping and handling and with clever use
of Photoshop, Ernest was able to drive his new bike home from Japan.

Bridge Out!
Mark Prairie

WHO said global warming is a bad thing?
But dude... this is Nebraska!
Andrew Edel

Yamaha said it's great off-road!
Dave C.

Jesus Rides a Motorcycle
Rick Sardinha

Wow! That must be the new moat-across bike I heard about!
Sue Gosselin

No officer - really, the road washed out so fast. I had to do wheeleys to keep afloat.
C'mon Joe hurry - the water's rising!
Della Norton

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