Land Yacht

Bubba’s closest trip to the beach

Redneck secret plan to bring back the America’s Cup to the U.S.

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Cadillac land yacht

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Dang, that thing's a barge!!!
(valet attendant): Sir, your ship's come in.
Kirk Lowry

Search for the Google Marathon Maps pic, and you'll know why this Land Yacht was built!
Idske Mulder

James Bond's American cousin Billy Bob Bond readys his amphi-car
'I'm gonna' catch me sum bad guys!'

Whatsamatta U automobile engineers put the finishing touches on their latest model.
Prospective car buyers check out the first import made entirely in Bermuda!
The Redneck's Dream - a Cadillac with an Evinrude!
Andrew Edel

Holy mackerel! I think I flooded it when I fishtailed back there, I gotta head for
the car port and change my shorts, I have serious squid-marks. I'm worried about
floundering with all those Barracuda off Plymouth Rock! Not to mention the Stingrays and Marlins!

I hope the boss doesn't dock me! Lucky I had some bailing wire and duck tape!
Mark Prairie

Now that's what I call 'trolling' for girls.
Mark Jenschke

Billy-Joe finally got to cleaning his yard and put some of his 'lawn ornaments' to good use.
Marshall Wright

Yup, even the life jackets inflate during an accident.
Fully covered for floods and high winds.
We can float on down the river to a secret hideaway and drive off into the sunset.
Della Norton

Coupe Seaville from Cadillac
Ralph Hammerl

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