Addictive Mahjong

Looking for a good spot for your next Mahjong game?

The winning tile gets the next standing building!

(also known as Mah Yongg, mahjongg, majiang, mah-jongmah-jongg)

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Captions from our readers...

Can you go and see what the children are doing upstairs hon'?
I think I heard some rumbling noise.

Idske Mulder

Heh... somebody had kimchee for dinner again last night!
Boy, the Wongs are gonna be pissed you blew their house down!

Your tech support dollars at work.
Kirk Lowry

I told you what would happen if you didn't let Fred win.
He usually just breaks a glass, but this time... well...

Phil Forde

Local villagers are undaunted by recent attacks by Godzilla and Mothra monsters,
imported from Japan. One Villager commented:
We have been watching those movies
for years and were prepared for this, although there was some delay,
due to the out of sync sound track
Mark Prairie

Gee, when you said we'll finish the game even if the house falls down
around you, I didn't take you literally.

Andrew Edel

Twenny Fi Cent anti??? YOU CLAZY?
Michele Robson

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