Dental Checkup

How to get your teeth cleaned in Thailand

Dentist opens primate molar inspection stand for tourists

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Dental Checkup by Dentist's Monkey Assistant

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Some dental plans are a little too picky for me!
Karen Moore

OK, she had the Vichyssoise, Steak Tartar, Peach Cobbler with Whipped Cream...
Irvin Kauffman

In order to demonstrate his unique training methods, Dr. Link
fearlessly puts his head into the human's mouth.

That little hangy down thing back there, must be the 'yap' the
human males are always telling them to shut!

Mark Prairie

D*mn HMO's...
Yeah... insert TicTac here.
Mr. Pickles teeters on the brink of losing that dare and living forever
with the stigma of the 'monkey who didn't touch the epiglottis'.

Kirk Lowry

In some countries being a dentist is a monkey business.
What?! No leftovers for me again?
Idske Mulder

Thailand trains monkeys as customs inspectors: She's OK - no contraband in here!
Andrew Edel

How to get your teeth fixed in Thailand.
Dentist opens primate molar inspection stand for tourists.
Just as I thought. You have Gingivitis.
Open wide - this won't hurt a bit!
I am too late - she already swallowed the banana.
Della Norton

Hmmmm, did you know you still have your tonsils?
David Watts

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