Problem Neighbour

When your garden hedging takes a turn for the worse

The “right” hedge for you may be the “left” hedge for your neighbour

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Problem Neighbor

Captions from our readers...

I don't know... could be FUN!
Irvin Kauffman

We've got a full moon every day, but there's absolutely nothing romantic about it!
Idske Mulder

It was the last day that Bob Hatfield said hello to his neighbor, Larry McCoy,
as they picked up their morning newspapers...

Honey, where's that cactus the kids got me for Father's day? Somebody needs an enema.
This means war...
Dennis grew up to run a successful landscaping business, yet in some circles,
he was still known as 'The Menace'.

Fred's kids are back from college, I see...
Kirk Lowry

Butt that wasn't there yesterday!
Mrs. Wainwright's wax treatment was long overdue, but Burt was reluctant
to offer the use of his hedge trimmer.

Philip Bassett

Here's butting you, frat knocker!
Linda Newman

Yes! That's piles all right.
Chris Stout

Edward Sissorhands is in the neighborhood, and I don't think he likes you!
Sherri Gisler

Howdy there, neighbor! If you need to borrow some toilet paper, all ya have to do is ask...
Robert Mexico

Hey Martha, come look at this. It looks like your mother.
Hey mister, take a picture - it lasts longer.
Della Norton

And then he said, 'Kiss my grass'
Ralph Hammerl

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