Pour Woman’s Dress

Sophisticated, self-design dress fits all “pour” women

Brought 2U by Fashion Designers Pourlangelo, Pour Vous, SoPour & Pourligraphy

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Pouring paint onto a woman's dress

Captions from our readers...

Red, White, and Blueish - Keeps Your Attention Up and not Flagging!
Irvin Kauffman

Want the right size, pour your dress...
Elizabeth Watts

Paparazzi finally discovering Cinderella's secret.
Idske Mulder

Home Depot announced record sales last Thursday, nearly doubling their
entire annual profits for the past two years, after unveiling their
new line of paint products...

Painted-on jeans... not just an expression anymore!
Bulemia Support Group-Therapy... a new service offered by Kelly-Moore Paints.
Kirk Lowry

In a minute honey, I'm almost ready - just putting on the finishing touches!
D.G. Henshaw

Honey, does this make me look fat?
Paint. Not for just walls anymore...
He said he wanted a fresh look. I'll give him a fresh look.
Honey, I'm ready to paint the town now...
You can't say you have nothing to wear anymore and you can't say it is not the right color.
Pick a color paint and go.

Della Norton

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